Analyzing a conflict experience

 In Unit V, we discussed Model I behaviours and outcomes, and your assignment was to write an essay analyzing a conflict experience. The Unit VIII assignment will be based on the conflict scenario you described in Unit V. The Unit VIII assignment is to create an intervention plan. You will use the conflict experience you analyzed in your Unit V assignment as the basis for the intervention plan you create in Unit VIII. Specifically, in this assignment, you will create a plan for intervention, leading the people who experienced conflict (i.e., from the Unit V assignment) from Model I to Model II relationship patterns. This is referred to as transformative change.  For this assignment, write a minimum of four pages in full length describing your intervention plan to lead the people in conflict toward transformative change. Be sure to use the unit lesson as a guide.  Incorporate at least five library resources to support the ideas you present in your intervention plan. These sources may be drawn from the unit readings or from other sources in the Waldorf Online Library. You should cite these five sources, in addition to the socio-cognitive systems learning model.  Include an introduction, as well as the following elements in your analysis. In the essay describing your intervention plan, please use headings that correspond to these elements. Be sure to refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for each section of the intervention plan. 1. Goals for the Intervention: Refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for this section. 2. Conflict Scenario: Provide a brief synopsis of the conflict you described in your Unit V assignment. Describe the conflict situation, discussing what happened leading up to this conflict situation and what happened as the conflict occurred. (Be sure to paraphrase this background information rather than copying it directly from your Unit V assignment. Otherwise, the system will flag it for plagiarism.) 3. Changing Values: Refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for this section. In your intervention plan, be sure to detail how you will lead the individuals to test their deep underlying assumptions. How will you design this portion of the intervention? Brainstorm some probing questions that you will ask. 4. Changing Behaviors: Refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for this section. How will you design this portion of the intervention? Which specific actions will you take to help lead them toward adopting Model II behaviours? Brainstorm some probing questions that you will ask. 5. Double-Loop Learning: First Loop: Refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for this section of your intervention plan. Be sure to include some probing questions that you will ask. 6. Changing Outcomes: Refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for this section.  7. Double-Loop Learning: Second Loop: Refer to the unit lesson for the specific information needed for this section of your intervention plan. Be sure to include some probing questions that you will ask. 8. Conclusion: Summarize the purpose for transformative learning and, specifically, for this intervention. Also, summarize the process and benefits of your intervention plan. 

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Analyzing a conflict experience
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